3 Ply Face Mask Ear Loop, Head loop, Tie on

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  • Buy Disposable Face Mask for protecting your health
  • 3 Ply Disposable Mask with Elastic Ear Loops
  • Soft & Comfortable Filter Safety Mask for Dust Protection


DISPOSABLE FACE MASK FOR SALE ONLINE Since the coronavirus was first declared a pandemic back in early March, the

market quickly became flooded with a variety of face masks. From a range of colors and styles that let wearers reflect their

personalities, communities are filled with people rocking different designs. But personal aesthetics isn’t the only option that

consumers have when it comes to protective face masks — they come in two major categories: disposable face masks and

reusable face masks. Is one safer than the other? And what’s the best disposable mask out there? To find out, we asked medical

experts what to know before buying your next batch of masks. But before we dive into disposable masks and how to find the best

ones, one thing is clear: Any face mask is better than no mask, according to all the experts we consulted. Those same experts also

all agreed that medical-grade disposable face masks aren’t recommended for the general public unless they’re in a high-risk

category — our sources emphasized that medical grade face masks should instead be reserved for frontline healthcare workers.


Product Types :

Class 100 Co-Polymer Lint Free Materials
Class 1000 Non-Woven Materials

Material Types:
Non-Woven ES (PP/PE)
Non-Woven Spun Bond Polypropylene (SBPP)

Types of Band: PU, Elastic, OP (Ear loop / Head loop / Tie-On)

Layers: 1 ply / 2 ply / 3 ply / 4 ply

colors: Blue, White, Green

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Size Options:
145 x 95 mm
175 x 95
180 x 95
210 x 95
230 x 95
Packing: 50 pcs/ bag, 40 bags/carton

Ultra Clean, Low Particle
Designed for comfort and durability
High Bacterial & Particle Filtration Efficiency
Silicone / Amide / DOP Free
Multiple Options for Loop Designs
Wider coverage (23cm)
Manufactured and Packed in Cleanroom environment
Solvent-safe double bag Cleanroom packaging

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3 Ply Face Mask - Buy face mask online

3 Ply Face Mask Ear Loop, Head loop, Tie on