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Introduction of Monster Energy

Monster Energy Price is an energy drink akin to the likes of Red Bull Energy. Created about 15 years after the

formidable energy opponent, Monster-branded products have started elbowing Red Bull out of some spaces in the

market to create room for itself.

When you think of Monster Energy drinks do you think of a natural product? If you said, “No”, you are hardly alone.

However, the brand was created by a company that specializes in natural sodas and fruit drinks – Hansen Natural

Company. The company has since given in to its flagship product and renamed itself to the Monster Beverage


Monster Energy has taken a page right out of the Red Bull marketing guide and put much of its effort into

sponsorships of events aligned with its branding. Extreme sports, motorsports, Esports, and MMA fighting are all on

the list of Monster sponsored events. The large M that makes up the Monster logo is said to insinuate a clawed

monster ripping its way into (or out of) the can itself. The branding is impossible to miss while wandering the

beverage aisles at your local convenience or grocery stores. Like almost all energy drinks, Monster has endured

some negative publicity over concerns regarding the health impacts of energy drinks (especially those with large

doses of caffeine). Authorities in India have gone so far as to ban any drinks containing both caffeine and ginseng

after reports that combining those ingredients can cause cardiac problems. Nonetheless, Monster Energy continues

to make headway in the energy drink market.

Monster Energy Price

Comparing energy drinks against one another can often feel a little bit like comparing apples and oranges. There

are some obvious direct competitors from a market share perspective but many new energy drinks are coming to

the market, including a sudden surge in “all natural” waters that promote themselves as energizing.


Red Bull and Monster Energy often find themselves being compared, as they both have similar marketing

strategies, product development, and are caffeine-centric drinks geared towards a similar demographic.Marketing

seems to play a massive role in consumers’ opinions of the best energy drink. So how does Monster Energy

compare to others from a pricing perspective?

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