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Wood Pellets for sale: the Basics

Wood pellets are a heating fuel typically made from the compacted sawdust and industrial waste from the milling of lumber as well as the manufacture of wood products like wood furniture and flooring. They are extremely efficient, easy to use, renewable, and 100% natural. The average homeowner will save $682 each year by heating with wood pellets instead of heating oil, reduce carbon emissions by 4.8 tons, and support the domestic economy and local jobs. View and Order Our Wood pellets and Energy Products.

On average, you can get about 24 hours of heat from a single 40-pound bag of wood pellets. Wood pellets make calculating your heating costs easy — one package equals one day. However, every home and situation is different. You may use wood pellet as primary heat or secondary, you may live in northern Maine or Maryland. Depending on your location, and heating methods, you could need anywhere from 2 to 5 tons for the heating season. The best way of calculating your fuel costs and how much you can save by heating with pellets is by checking out our fuel calculator.

Hardwood Pellets:

Hardwood Premium and Hardwood Super Premium give you even more reasons to love the most popular heating pellet. We specially manufacture these pellets in our Mifflintown, Pennsylvania plant and distribute them throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. wood pellets for sale

Softwood Pellets:

The softwood pellets produced at our Quebec facility offer higher heat than our hardwood pellets. Our Premium Softwood Blend and Premium 100% Softwood products can heat homes in New England, Russia, Mongolia and other parts of the North.

Hardwood or Softwood?

People ask us all the time: “should I burn hardwood pellets or softwood pellets?” We think this is a very personal decision. It’s all about choosing the right fuel for you based on a variety of things, including your stove, your budget, and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to do.

FACT: Most pellet stoves today are built to burn hardwood OR softwood pellets.

So, selecting a fuel is more about trying out which specific brand burns well in your stove. This usually depends on the quality of the pellet, rather than the species.

FACT: How a pellet is made is often more important than the species of wood used.

We only work with pellet mills that can guarantee a consistent source of clean raw material and a quality manufacturing process, so you can be confident that you’re getting a high quality fuel – regardless of species! We regularly test our pellets for ash content, moisture level and heating value to assure you’re happy with your fuel. (Learn more)

FACT: Softwood pellets generally have higher heat output and lower ash.

Finding the perfect fuel is about striking a balance you’re comfortable with between price and quality. It is generally true that softwood pellets burn cleaner and hotter. wood pellets for sale, we perform regular, independent testing on all of our products to ensure consistent quality.


Product Description
Product name
Cheap Prices 6mm/8mm Diameter Low Ash High Heating Value Biomass Fuel Material Wood Pellets 15kg/25kg Bag
Poduct Type
Min Order Quantity
1 container 20ft or 40ft
Heating Value
Ash(Dry basic)
Broken Rate
Sulfur Content
Biomass Pellets Friendly Environmental Pine Oak Wood Pellets High Heating Value Low Ash Wood Fuel
Wood Shavings, Saw Dust, Solid wood
Place of Origin
Model Number
Payment Terms
T/T 30% deposit, and 70% balance before delivery
Lead time
3-5 days
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    These pellets have gotten probably the most elevated consumer loyalty reviews. They are made totally of softwood sawdust and are viewed as one of the cleanest consuming pellets available. A few analysts note that debris yield can be as meager as 3-5 tablespoons for every sack. The exceptional nature of these pellets makes them more costly, yet all things considered you spare time and vitality. Nobody needs to continually be stressed over their pellet smokestack getting grimy, or their pellets not consuming appropriately with Okanagan pellets you don’t need to.

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wood pellets for sale

wood pellets for sale